meet my baby BOY!!

I do have quite the picture of his gender but, i'll spare you all from seeing my baby's privates for now. I'm still trying to decide how I feel about posting such a photo. lol.

Isn't he soooo cute! I'm very very very happy we're having a boy. I can't wait to hold my  boy in my arms! I was hoping for a boy first. Then another boy and then a girl last. (yes, Mick and I are only planning on 3, don't judge us. That's what we want so far.)
I was also hoping for a girl because I love sewing and I get quite stumped when it comes to boy things... hehe. Good thing I have plenty of nieces and friends having babies.
i'm on cloud 9 right now. i feel like the world stood still just for me and mick today when that first image came up on the screen. i didn't cry. i teared up. but i mostly laughed. i felt this crazy amount of love for my child today. i've been loving him obviously but today it changed. it was weird and i wish i knew how to describe it.
i'm soooooo excited to really start preparing for my boy!

Yes, we pretty much have a name, but we're not telling until he's is born. oooohh the suspense! ;) haha.



  1. YAY!!!! I remember that feeling so I totally know what you mean. Plus, you just made me bawl. Your post wasn't really emotional...but...you know.. those hormones.

  2. Hahaha!!! I don't have the hormone excuse, but I have been bawling quite a lot over this boy! I can't tell you how happy I am!!!

  3. i almost cried in front of my companion!

  4. Jess, how exciting!!! What a wonderful mom you already are :)