Present Missionary and Future Missionary

My brother has been serving a mission for over a year now. He's quite an amazing missionary. He wrote me a two page letter. front AND back. yeah. i'm a pretty lucky person. it was a beautiful letter. i cried a lot through out the letter. he wrote through out the duration of general conference. which was so cool to me because i wrote him through out the duration of conference. hehehe. i couldn't believe how much he's grown up. so mature. such an example. i love missionaries.

Now i'm preggers with a little boy. Today as i re-read my brother's letter for the third time i realized that i have a little future missionary growing inside. :) my baby has quite the example to look to. both mick and timothy are/were great missionaries. i'm so grateful for the examples in my life that will bless and be examples in my son's life. especially of missionary service. i can't believe i have a future missionary. a future priesthood holder. i was given a beautful blessing several years ago about how i need to learn of Jesus Christ and His life and teach my children of Him because it will be MY children who will usher in Christ's 2nd coming! Whoa. WHOAWHOAWHOA! talk about a huge responsibilty on mick's and my end. but something i am so excited to take on.

i have this vivid vision in my head of my summer next year. unfortunately mick will be super busy managing the dish one office in sacramento and i will have a whole lot of free time. i have this image of me laying the bed with my little baby reading the scriptures out loud to him. i sing "i am a child of God" to him. I tell him about my favorite story in the Book of Mormom, when Jesus came to the Nephites and blessed the children and the Angels came and surrounded them and Christ said "Behold your little ones." Yes, this is how i will get through the summer and i think it will be a great experience.

*sigh* i love my baby boy. i am so happy we're having a boy. he kicks me all the time now. sometimes a bit harder than i think necessary. lol. but a happy happy feeling. he makes me feel hungry all the time. i gained 12lbs in a month's time. doctor said that it was okay because of all the weight i lost in my first trimester but not to gain that much every month. haha. 1lb a week now. baby doesn't understand that.

we've been thinking of names. we might have one picked out. we're not telling anyone yet though. ;) hehe. i did buy a little outfit for my baby boy. it's super cute. it fits our little family so well. there is a picture of a dog on the front and it says "cuter than the dog". haha. chaz has no idea whats coming. poor guy. chaz loves little kids though.

chaz is a nervous dog. not like a Chihuahua. he just doesn't make friends with people very easily. we're not sure why. he may have been abused by previous owners. Chaz sure does my little nephew Andrew. He just LOVES that cute little boy. He is now super curious of the new little baby. He wants so badly to get close that mini person who is the same size as him and sniff. lol. i can't wait to introduce baby to chaz. i think they'll be good friends.

this is so much fun. I have made a plan to save up all the money i earn from baby sitting on tuesdays and from any skirts i sell and i'm going shopping black friday. i have one purchase in mind. a carseat and stroller. i can't even tell you how excited i am for this future purchase. i'm hoping i'll have enough saved up to buy some clothes too. for me and baby!


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