okay. so my last post was less than great. sorry! i was feeling way sorry for myself. blah blah blah.

i have this weird insane talent of crafting. i see something and i think "i could totally make that". then i do. i taught myself to sew. i taught myself to knit. i can crochet. i can scrapbook and make cards. i make clothes and quilts and bags and hair accessories and other things. i have loved photography and have had an eye for it since i was way young. and i just have to say i am soooo grateful for these crafty talents that the Lord has blessed me with!

mick has a talent for business. he is so good with people and makes friends very easily. he was asked to be a manager for a sales company this next summer. every one of the other managers has experience in managing a sales office or has been working for the company for more than 2-3 years. mick has a summer's worth of experience. yah. and it wasn't even the most successful summer. but he just has skills that the company needs and wants. i'm very proud of him. it was a hard decision to go out again next summer. we'll have an infant. we'll be moving to california. he'll have a lot more duties and more responsibilities. but we've both prayed about it and we both feel it is the best choice. even if we don't see immediate results next summer. someday. in his...in our future it will be a blessing that we decided to do this. i have a lot of responsibility as a wife of a manager. not going to lie. i'm nervous. anxious. terrified! haha. but what made me decide that "yes, this is what we need to do!" was faith. faith and fear cannot exist in the same heart or mind. anyways. i hope we can get everyone's support and prayers. we will need it!

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