so i'm sitting in the parking lot of the masonic temple waiting for mick. he said he would only be an hour. well an hour passed. guess what. he's going to be another hour. yes tears followed the news. i'm a baby these days. this morning i cried on his shoulder because i haven't been sleeping. at all. and i keep having terrible dreams. the most common being mick breaks up with me two weeks before our wedding and the other we lose chaz. crazy huh. its basically the worst. chaz is with me. we thought it was going to be a way awesome day. poor guy was chased repeatedly by a 4 year old. forced to sit in the car forever because traffic was completely backed up. not given any of that great smelling sandwich mick and i ate for dinner. and now again forced to sit in the car. he wont eat or drink. i'm worried. he's just sleeping. he's such a great dog/companion. mick and i often mention how lucky we got with him. we're so blessed he's in our lives. :)
i can't believe i forgot my phone in salem today. i really could have used it today. there have been days where i just didn't even look at my phone. today was NOT one of them. lame.
i have to pee. (info i'm sure you all needed to know). blah. that's how i'm feeling. can you tell? i need a wardrobe makeover. i need money. i need baby to grow up and be born so that i can buy cloths that dont say "maternity" on the tag. am i picky. yes. i don't want to buy them. i think it is almost a waste of money. i will only wear them a few months. i much rather spend money on awesome non baby bump me. hehe. i do love my baby bump.
someday i'll get photos posted. (sorry mom. i've been bad at that.)

well, good night.


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  1. Its ok, honey. I know the pictures are coming. And don't be too hard on yourself. We all have days like that. I have had many, many, many days waiting 'another hour' for Daddy, but in the end, he is so worth the wait. The best things generally are. I love you Sunshine! (Even Sunshine has to have a few rainy days. . . )