today i bought baby another outfit. i need to take some pictures of baby's growing collection of things. hehe. debbie bought him a way cute hat for winter. i wish i had one in my size. lol. i finished his mini quilt and am almost done with the car seat tent. i just need to get the car seat so that i can measure where to sew the straps on. i also knitted him a little hat. :)

so today i threw up my cheerios. it was terrible. i felt much better afterwards but still it was yucky. now i have a head ache. and i just barely got rid of my heartburn. i felt like my tummy was sticking out a lot today. lets just say. it was an uncomfortable feeling day. i guess i'm going to have a lot of those in the third trimester. hopefully no more throwing up though. i really hate that part.

i am loving feeling baby move around and kick me. he's quite active. and he has strong legs and arms. mick was able to feel one of baby's kicks the other night. its feel just like a little nudge from the outside but you can still feel it. cool huh? i don't particularly love it when baby kicks real hard. oh man...i bet it will be crazy when he's even bigger and starts kicking my other organs. geez. haha.

so its fall. i'm loving fall. i love the leaves and the smells and the crisp weather (although today was pretty warm and felt great!). i'm going to drive the alpine loop tomorrow and take some photos. i'm pretty excited.

well, i'm trying to get these baby skirts i've made sold so that i don't have to wish i were having twins: a boy AND girl. hahaha. JUST KIDDING! i do want to get them sold though so tell your friends about them!

here's my blog: http://lovewhimsicaldays.blogspot.com/. and my etsy store is also linked in the post with the skirts.

i'll get pictures of the other things i've made posted tomorrow. :)


p.s. baby is rolling around and kicking me right at this very moment. hehe

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