i have 14 weeks to go...

it still feels far away. but ah...the past 14 have flown by. heck, the past 24 have flown by! yikes.

right now i'm focusing on getting medical insurance. having a baby is EXPENSIVE! not only buy essentials for the little thing (i.e. car seat, stroller, something to sleep in, diapers and wipes, clothes...etc.) but you have to pay to actually have the baby. mick and i were not planning on baby (but we should have. i honestly didn't think we needed to though.) so we're opting for the whole medicaid deal. it's a good idea for a poor, newlywed, college students. you think it would be a fairly easy process getting this great benefit. NOPE! i'm frustrated beyond what i can describe in nice words about this whole medicaid deal. lets just say...it's very annoying and very discouraging. mick and i finally decided to just go down to SLC to get it taken care of because all this over the phone and through email, and middle men just isn't working out. :p

my next focus will be purchasing those essentials. mick has made himself a work schedule and i made a new rule. he has to put in the same amount of time into work that he does the xbox. i WILL be strict about this. i've been pretty lax about a couple of the other rules. like i let him buy two games when he should have only bought one (unfortunately the two games cost the same amount as one, so i had to...right?) lol.

i have a lot of babysitting jobs lined up thanks to my wonderful friend Patti E. Jorgenson. i babysit every tuesday for her. and i have weekend babysitting job lined up next month and a whole week lined up the month after! i want to use some of that to get a maternity photo session done by january. i hope that can happen! i really want one done. i can't do it myself. well, i do have a tripod. maybe i could figure it out. that's no fun though...

baby boy is doing great. he's growing and eating my food and kicking me and causing me leg cramps and a whole lot of uncomfortable-ness. being preggers isn't as fun as i thought it would be. haha. i am very grateful my pregnancy has been the way it has been though. it could be way worse! i will take throwing up night and day over kidney stuff and hospital visits and IV's (shout out to YOU! You know who you are! and You amaze me!)

well, this is a long post. i think i will wrap it up. thanksgiving is in less than a week!!!!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING EARLY! ;) I can't wait to gorge myself on pumpkin pie. (even if i have to make my own pie that only i can eat just so that i can gorge myself, i will do it!)


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  1. My cousin's wife does photography and she lives in Utah Valley, I think she is in Spanish Fork...her pictures are beautiful and her fees for maternity sessions are only $45.00. She is super sweet too! You totally deserve a nice shoot!!! Here is her blog with her pics and contact info.