Life has been pretty boring lately. Baby just grows and kicks and demands food every 2-3 hours. Nothing new as of late.

We finally found a food that Chaz will eat! It looks like he might be putting on a little weight! FINALLY! He has developed a very bad habit this last week. He's made me cry twice in one week which isn't great for our relationship. He has found that chewing on my most expensive shoes is fun. ya...again NOT good for our relationship.

I've been debating my hair situation. I noticed that it gets in the way of baby holding. I hate putting my hair in a ponytail every day. It does do damage you know! ;) But I almost get anxiety when I think about chopping it. I have a vision in my mind of what I would do if i WERE to chop it. Do you wanna see?
Never-mind. I can't find a photo that I like. Oh well...

I have discovered a new style that I LOVE. Leggings with a plain ol' T-shirt. OR slouchy sweater. Yep. Its comfy and comfy. Its weird. I never felt like I could get away with wearing leggings which shows of my thicker thighs. But since being pregnant I have found that I actually can! (not that i'm trying to show off my thighs, just that I don't have anything to worry or be self conscious about).

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