I wish I had a space to decorate for baby. Anywhere Mick and I live/move to will be temporary so I wont have the opportunity to do that which totally bums me out. Meh. I am just so excited to have this little boy! He's quite active these days. He kick's and punches and rolls all the time now. The other day I definitely felt a leg through my tummy. It was strange and I couldn't stop poking and prodding. I gave myself a bruise. Lol.

I only have a couple of weeks left until I get to go buy his car seat and stroller. I'm still debating on which one to get. Mick seems to have no opinion on the matter. Just as long as it doesn't have flowers or polka dots. (I guess polka dots are for girls only...)

Eddie Bauer-Sinclair $197.00
I love the red and black. I think it is very neutral. And its totally my style! haha. That's important too right?

Graco-Strata $175.00
I love this color blue. I think it's my favorite color. It's just the right color blue that it could totally go boy or girl depending on what the car seat tent looks like. I would do a black and white damask print for my boy. And someday when I have a girl I think a bright pink would look way awesome!
I like that the handle can switch from front to back.

Graco-Boxy $185.00
This one is just like the Strata with small differences. I love the blue!

Graco: Pack 'n Play-Rittenhouse $154.99
Because Mick and I will be traveling we're not going to do the whole crib and nursery thing. We're going to just get a Pack 'n Play for now. I'm totally fine with that. This is the one I want. It's sooooo cool!! I with there was a stroller and car Seat that matched!

OH MY GOSH! Look at what I just found...
There IS a stroller and car seat to match! It's kind of expensive though...$539.00

I don't think I can justify spending lots of money on a baby stroller, car seat, and pack n' play...oh well. :) Maybe Cyber Monday will be good to me and it will be way cheap! OR a more likely scenario it wont even be available. haha. Whatever...

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