almost 32 weeks!

I'll be 32 weeks on Friday. CRAZY! Just over 8 weeks until this baby's due date. I'm kinda hoping it will be sooner and at the same time I'm hoping it wont be because how am I supposed to plan for my mother to fly from WA to be present at his birth??? Hmmmm?

I've been trying to decide for the past several weeks how I was going to go about this whole birthing process. I think I may have come closer to a decision today. My awesome sister in law Erica sent me a book about HypnoBirthing. Its been so excited and so great so far! I've been quite against HypnoBirthing because I've only heard horror stories about it. Well, I've never been a closed minded girl so I though I'd give it a try and read and research and guess what...I'm totally loving it!

There was a CD that came with the book and I was curious about it so I asked Mick if he would like to listen to it with me. He was completely knocked out within 5 minutes of the CD!!! hahaha. I even woke him (mostly because I wanted to make sure he was okay.) and he just wanted to go back to bed...at 8p.m. This is my husband who refuses to go to bed before 10 because he feels like we're too young to be going to be so early. "8 hours of sleep is all we need to be getting. Anymore than that is a waste of time!" Yeah...that's my hubby. I'm still awake because I thought we'd be spending the night playing games with family so I took a 2 hour nap before dinner. Due to weather we had to cancel game night. So here I am...awake.

I have a jar of Hershey's kisses sitting in front of me now. I've been debating eating one. I actually like them! Weird huh? (For those of you who don't know or have forgotten, I don't like chocolate. Especially Hershey's chocolate...)


  1. Oh Jess, you're so close!!! I had both of my boys around 32 weeks and it ain't pretty. The closer you can get to your due date the healthier your baby will be! Just enjoy being preggo because you will miss it I promise! I know right now that is super hard to believe, but trust me! I have really been wanting to try hipnobirthing so if you do end up doing it please tell me all about it!! I am so excited for you guys!!! Oh and I HATE Coke or soda of any kind and guess what I am craving tonight??? Yeah. Coca Cola baby. So weird.

  2. Oh my heck you are getting so super close .. The end is fun (although slightly miserable) .. It is fun to know you are getting close & you get to make all these final prep-steps! You look great!