I'm 33 weeks now. whoa!!! time is flying by and its a little scary! i know i keep saying i hope it goes by faster so that i can meet this little boy of mine but reality is starting to sink in. i am going to be a MOM! that's so weird to me. i still haven't quite gotten use to be a wife! nah...i take that back. being a wife has been so much better than i imagined. its not always easy. especially with my emotional outbursts lately. i cry at very silly things like when mick decides to not do what i suggest he do. or i get annoyed...like beyond annoyed when he eats too fast and when he chews gum. haha. its so stupid and i realize that. but its so nice that he listens to me complain and whine and cry and whatever else i do. he listens and together we make compromises and progress. wow! is that normal for newly weds? i hope it lasts forever! especially after baby arrives. we'll need each other more than ever. what a crazy thought, we're having a BABY! in like less than 7 weeks! he's going to be sooo cute! i hope... mick and i went to orem and registered for baby today. it was sooo nice of mick to go with me. he picked out cute clothes and kept me from registering for clothes that were "too girly" for his son. hahaha. just so everyone knows...shirts covered in stars or polka dots are girly. and there is a difference between a boy skull and bones and a girly skull and bones. and yellow should be avoided. so there you go! :)
chaz has been acting up lately. he acts like he's completely attention starved. i think he knows something is going on. i babysat for my cousin monday and tuesday and i took chaz with me. he LOVES that baby girl! he would get so excited to see her and would bring her his ball and rope and would just wag his tail like crazy. but then he started to realize that she was often between me and him. then i could tell he would get jealous. he completely attached himself to me as soon as i would put her down or she would go take a nap. he's been like that ever since. we waits at the door for mick when he goes to school. and he is extremely demanding for attention. poor guy. what is he going to do when baby comes. i've been reading that we need to ignore him sometimes. does anyone realize how hard that is? it's like ignoring your oldest child. not easily done. nor do i want to do it! chaz is like mick's and my child. he's extremely spoiled. he is extremely loved! i think that's why i start to bawl more than anything that has to do with animals. its okay..you can laugh. i do. it is quite hilarious. i really cannot help myself though. i just start to bawl, not just cry but bawl! its intense. lol

well, i'm just trying to kill time and my boredom. i'm rambling now. haha. go check out my other blogs. i have cute photos up and some new crafts done! :) i love comments!!!

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