wedding ring{s}

well, another one of my third trimester symptoms has been major hand swelling. yuck! i woke up one day and my wedding ring finger was completely numb from swelling so much around my wedding ring. I was able to get my ring off but have not been able to get it back on. It is pretty much the worse thing ever! I'm sure every girl feels that her wedding ring is the prettiest one out there but I really think mine is. Its very unique and shiny and my center diamond is perfect... literally. Its extra special to me not only because its my wedding ring but because I was fully expecting to get a diamond replacement until we could afford a real diamond. But Mick surprised me a perfect diamond! Whoa!! Lucky Lucky LUCKY me!!!!!!


Since I've been unable to get it back on my finger I've had to find a replacement. Its not the nicest ring. Its probably worth a dollar. haha. But at least the rest of world can see I'm married. (Although with my bulging baby bump you would think people would just assume...)
Funny story! I was at Bath and Body Works looking at some awesome stuff and this guy who worked there came up to me and asked if I needed help, I said "No thanks, I'm just looking". And he proceeded to tell me all about the lip gloss and his favorites "Not that I wear them!" said he. He flirted a bit with me and then he walked around to my other side (the side my purse wasn't on) and saw my baby bump and was like "whoa! oh...ahh...anyways." then just walked away. BAHAHAHAHA! And that was when I decided I needed a ring replacement. So I found this on in my jewelery box. I've had a few compliments on it. Which is a good thing but I always look down thinking I'll see my lovely diamonds but I don't...


I cannot wait until I can wear my wedding ring again. I miss it. I pull it out almost every day and look at it. Is that bad? I'm not sure. Nor do I really care. Yesterday I even polished it. haha. I'm a dork.


  1. Ok, I know I already told you but I was only like 6 months pregnant when we all went to Hawaii and I swelled so bad on the plane ride back (I guess major change in elevation?) .. Well even after most of that swelling went away, I couldn't wear my ring after that, until like a month after I had Grace .. Lol! BUT .. Point to story, I took my ring out at least once a day just to look at it .. I too cleaned and polished it! I am obsessed with my ring, I knowingly look at my hand at least once a day and smile! So yes, you will wear yours again so super soon & it will be AWESOME!!!! :)

  2. hmmm...reminds me of Lord of the Rings...my precious...ha ha ha.
    girls are funny!