For the past month or so Mick has been experiencing some pregnancy symptoms along with me. The most common being really weird dreams. A few nights ago I woke up (normal) to switch positions due to uncomfortable-ness. Just as I was turning to my right side Mick yelled "What the freak is a Frodo!"

BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! I totally laughed for a minute then decided to see if I could get him to tell me more.

I asked "Did you find one?"
He answered, "Yeah".
So I asked "What are you going to do with it?"
He said "I guess I'll keep it."
Then he sturred a bit and so I asked if he was awake and he answered (very much not awake) "I think so...??" He sounded confused. hahaha.
And me being really tired still decided to randomly ask "Are you playing a card game?" (Which is what I had been dreaming about.)
And he annoyingly answered "What the heck does that have to do with anything?!". And that ended our conversation.

LoL. Goodness I love that man! He makes me laugh even in his sleep. I need to write down more of our sleep talk conversations. There have been some interesting ones. When we were first married he talked in his sleep almost every night! Then he stopped after we moved back to Utah. It was fun having another conversation with him!

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  1. That is way funny.
    the other day a mirror fell of of a dresser in our room. It scared the crud out of me. It was at 1:11 am. But my comp and I were pretty dilirous. OUr conversation was really funny! Hahaha, a half asleep conversation!