new years resolutions

Yes January is almost over and I'm just now really writing out my new year's resolutions. I wanted to be very serious about these this year so it's taken me a few weeks to really decide what they'll be.

1. Read my scriptures EVERY day! Even if its just a verse or two. I'm very happy to report I'm 19 days strong!

2. Lose all baby weight (30lbs and still counting! I do have 5weeks to go. YIKES!!). I'm actually excited about this. I want to work out so bad! Mick has also been wanting to workout more. It'll be great when we can workout together. I'm going to reward myself with a small shopping trip when I reach my goal. I do have expensive taste in jeans so for every pound I lose I'm going to put aside a dollar. Then ask Mick to match it... ;)

3. Look Up. That has several meanings behind it but I'm only going to share one. Here is how I decided to make this a resolution this year. I took Chaz potty the other night; it was a clear night and the moon was out. It literally took my breath away. I was shocked to remember that I haven't looked up toward the skies in many many months. Not over the summer even. How horrible! Think of all those clear brightly star lit skies I missed out on. SAD! That's how I decided I need to {look up more AND let the stars and moon take my breath away every time}

That's all I have for now. I'm going to continue to add to my list as things come up.


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