oh yeah...i almost forgot i play the cello

Tonight I had the opportunity to play with my ward "orchestra"! It was sooo much fun! I forget how much I love to play. Baby tried helping me play by kicking the back of my cello through out the whole performance. LoL. The lady who led the little orchestra (which actually was a pretty good size, 21 people total and there are 5 others who weren't able to make it tonight) wants to put together a trio and she wants me to be a part of it! Cool! I do get nervous playing in Sacrament meetings but I always love being able to share my "talent"(????). Nah...it is! Its not my best talent but I can play, I can read the music, I can hear when I'm off key, and I love it! I am very excited to get back into it again! Its been too long!

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