'tis the holidays!

They're here! well, they have been here. Can  you believe Thanksgiving is over? Just two more weeks until Christmas!
I'm sitting on the bed while Mick sleeps. We've been up since six thirty a.m. Crazy huh? We decided to go ice fishing with some friends. I ended up being the only girl out of what felt like a million and eight guys. It was fun though. Chaz hung  out in my coat. He kept me warm and baby kept him warm and I kept baby warm. Family. sigh...it really is the best huh?
Both of my boys are completely zonked out! All three of my boys! ;) Baby was kicking a lot earlier but is now still. He's been extremely active these past few days! It must be that sugar syrup nasty throw up in my mouth stuff that I had to drink to see if I have gestational diabetes. It was sooooo gross and I felt extremely nauseous and dry heaved a lot and had a head ache and I really hated every moment of it. The nurse took like six tubes of blood from my arm too... Not really my favorite morning ever.
Well, I'm 28 weeks now. I feel like a whale. My shirts are officially getting to small. Last night as I was getting into bed Mick said I was officially pregnant. I guess that means he thinks I'm huge. Lol. He likes it...i think.
It's weird being in my third trimester now. I still feel like I have forever to go until this little guy makes his appearance. I guess I have about 2 1/2 months left is all! THANK HEAVENS! I get about two-three hours on broken sleep a night. I have a pinched nerve in my back now. I feel heavy. I grunt every time I get out of bed or off the couch. (bahahahahahaha! grunt is a funny word!). Meh, I'm not complaining. Just noting that pregnancy is uncomfortable from about day one. Well, day one of the third week. (That's when I started having morning sickness.)
I'm getting ready mentally for baby. I have decided to do a natural birth (am I insane?! Maybe...). I just feel more comfortable doing it that way than putting all sorts of drugs into my body. Every woman is different. I definitely am not against pain killers, heck I may even end up doing it that way! But for now...I'm planning on a natural childbirth.
Goodness, I really cannot wait until I can see my baby. See all his features. His tiny hands and feet. Chubby legs and arms (he was already chubby at 20 weeks so...).

SOON!!! (I have to keep telling myself!)

I love these baby feet!

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