i should be cleaning and getting ready for my busy day tomorrow.

i've been awake since 3:30 this morning. i woke up to turn to my other side and just became wide awake. it was horrible. i went pee for the 100th time around 4am and i tried to go back to sleep but i was still just wide awake. so after getting the giggles for some strange reason, i decided i had better just get up so i wouldn't disturb mick while he tried to sleep. so i came down stairs. ate. then baked some really yummy banana bread and then tried to fall asleep. i kinda did but not for long. what a weird morning. i haven't really felt tired until about 5 this evening. now i'm exhausted! these poor children. i keep forgetting to do stuff i say i'm going to do. i'll be in the middle of something when one of twins will ask for something or to play wii or to watch a show and i'll say just one minute and then withing a half a second completely forget about. my brain is fried! i wish mick were here tonight to help me. the one night i really need him and he has plans. boo! haha. jk jk. he loves his lodge meetings and i want to support him.

so i'm in need of a new phone. the one i have is...holding on to all life it has left. i have to keep it fully charged and i can't close it other wise it freaks out and the screen goes black or white or both and then i can't do anything until it dies on its own. i take the battery out but it still doesn't turn back on with its normal screen. my contract with tmobile ended on the 5th of this month so i'm trying to switch over to verizon. only problem is i completely destroyed my credit a few years ago and am still suffering the slow rise in my credit score. i'm not sure if i'll pass verizon's credit score...thing... i'm also trying to decided what plan to get. practicality says to just get the basic plan and phone. but my mind and dreams tell me to get that cool new droid (or iphone) and data plan that cost a little bit more each month.

yes my dreams have influenced my way of thinking. the other night i had the most vivid dream about getting an ipad and iphone for my birthday and they were soooooooooooo awesome! ever since then i've desired a fancy new smartphone. oh vanity. i guess that just confirms that i need to get the basic phone and plan. oh well...

tomorrow is my last day of babysitting. its been a really fast week! i think chaz will really miss these twins. they are the perfect playmates. i did have to ban them from bringing their stuffed animals downstairs thought because i didn't want chaz to ruin them. poor twins and puppy. i'm so mean.

i'm buying the carseat tomorrow. mick and i finally picked one out. it has great reviews, rated pretty high but is a decent price! i'm so dang excited! i've been waiting a long time to get the car seat. haha

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