i haven't posted in a while. bahaha. like a week. oh my.

i am 37 weeks now and very big. i've been told a billion times the past two weeks that i have a basketball belly or that my belly doesn't look attached to my body. haha. i'm getting so close! only 3 weeks to go and i'm hoping that it will only be two! ;) i know i know. almost everyone went overdue. whatev. i like to dream!

i got checked this last friday and i was dilated to a 1 and a half and 75% effaced. cool huh?! my mother finally bought her plane tickets! haha. she'll be here the 15th to march 8th!!!!!!! AHHHHH! I cannot wait. and guess what...my dad is also flying out!!! he'll be there march 4th to the 8th! not a super long visit but i'm so blessed and grateful i get him for that much! mick and i didn't plan on having a baby so soon but the timing was perfect for my family. haha. the Lord knows...yes He definitely knows.

i have baby stuff pretty much ready to go. he doesn't have a whole lot of clothes but i figured he would be growing out of them so fast that i would rather use the money for clothes as he grows. that means buying a new outfit like every month! ;)

mick and i are re painting the crib. its the same crib mick slept in as a baby. i love it!!! right now its a stained wood. we're going to paint it white. mick was pretty excited about painting it. its a fun and big project. i can't wait to show off the before and after photos.

i'm in a lot of frustration. my camera lens has decided to stop working. grrr!!! i can't take photos with it. i only have my point and shoot which isn't that great. i have to take it in to get fixed this week.

i did finally get a new phone. its great! i love it a lot!

hmm...what else it new?

i had a GREAT baby shower! it was so wonderful and a ton of fun. i'm very blessed with a lot of friends and family who are so generous and loving! i received a lot of awesome and cute gift. i had to get rid of my shirt i wore that day because so many people rubbed my belly that it ruined it. hahaha. i think its funny! and i loved it! i'll post a photo of it later.

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  1. Well, you may not have a lot of clothes there, but I have a box that says otherwise. I packed a bunch of 0-3 month things, and maybe a few larger, but I have more of those still here. If you come visit this summer we can hook you up with a bunch of things in whatever size he is then too! Can't wait to meet him. :-)