Meet our baby boy!

Well he is here. FINALLY! After 9 months of miraculous torture* we finally have our baby boy in our arms!

I went in for my weekly doctor’s appointment February 18th (Friday) and had all the usual stuff done. Peed on a stick, got weighed (YUCK!!!), was measured, had my blood pressure taken, and was checked to see how far I had dilated. I was about the same as the week before other than measuring more and weighing a lot more. Haha. Oh well.

Doctor said that I would probably have the baby with in the week on my own but I was measuring pretty big and he was going to be out of town and didn’t want to worry about me or miss the birth so he offered to induce me. I totally jumped on the offer and we set a time. WOOHOOHOO!! We decided on Sunday morning at 6am.

The weekend flew by and Sunday arrived. I thought that I would be way nervous but I was totally calm and very ready. My mom, Mick and I drove to the hospital and got checked in and ready to go.

They put the IV in (which I hated) and started me on fluids. Around 7am Doctor came in and broke my water and started the Pitocin. I went in thinking I was going to do a natural childbirth but by the time 9:40 am came around and I was having the worst pain of my life (well, It was sadly very comparable to my menstrual cramps) I decided to go ahead and get an epidural. Yep. I was only dilated to a 3.5 and was told I could be in labor for another 10 hours or more.

The epidural went fine. I was WONDERFUL when it kicked in. Oh my goodness! I will do an epidural for every pregnancy! After the epidural kicked in I was able to relax and sleep a good part of the day. They came in every so often and checked my cervix. I progressed at a good rate. By about 3:30 I was fully dilated! They decided to let the baby make his way down as far as possible before I could start to push. He did. It hurt. My tail bone hasn’t been feeling too good since!

At 4pm Doctor showed up and got everything ready. By 4:15 I began pushing, and at 4:24 p.m. our son was born!

We debated a long time after finding out we were having a boy what to name him. We decided on a name but just weren’t sure about it. It was incredible the feeling I got when he was born and I first saw him that the name we had picked was definitely what we should name him. I wish I could describe the feeling. It was truly incredible.

Kenneth Robert Swenson

He weighed 9lbs. 3.4ounces and was 22 inches long.I was expecting a 7.5 (at the very minimum) to an 8.5 (at the most) pound baby. I was very surprised when they said he was over 9 pounds! No wonder I my tummy was so huge! And he is so long! How did he fit? That’s what I want to know.

There were some very special and wonderful feelings there that day. I feel that they are pretty personal to share with the world so I will just leave it at this…Childbirth is a miracle and blessing and privilege! I am so grateful Heavenly Father blessed Mick and me with a healthy baby boy! I am so grateful to be a mother and to have an amazing and wonderful husband be the father of our beautiful boy. We are SOOOOO BLESSED!

It’s been a week now and it has FLOWN by! It makes me sad at how fast it has gone already. I’m not ready to have my newborn grow up. haha. I love that baby boy more than I ever knew I could love someone!

The best parts of my day are when Mick comes home and wants only to hold his son. The look he gets with that baby in his arms is priceless and almost always brings me to tears. I love watching those two together.

Mick is already a wonderful daddy! Wow I’m so blessed!
I have the best baby ever! He sleeps all through the night, he eats very well, he smiles at his mommy and especially at his daddy. He is so loved by his grandparents! Even Chaz is already very protective of him. He knows that Kenny is ours.

To Kenny:
I love you baby boy! You are so amazing and I love knowing what a miracle in my own life feels like! I hope we can teach you right and that you will always, always, ALWAYS know how much your daddy and mommy love you!


Families are Forever!



*disclaimer: When I say "torture" I mean it in the best way possible. Being pregnant wasn't the easiest thing I've ever done. It was uncomfortable and hard and just not that great due to morning sickness, swelling, pain, stretches, and the list could go on. The thing with all that is, It was so wonderful to be a part of creating a life with my husband and our Heavenly Father. I would never trade a single day for the miracle that I know hold in my arms!
Hence the miraculous torture! haha.


  1. Love you Jess. It was a wonderful day and Kenny is truly a beautiful addition to our family. Thanks.