Chaz Rupert Swenson

I should have posted this 3 weeks ago but I was a little distracted with it being my last day being preggers...

Chaz recently celebrated his 1st birthday! He's growing up so fast! hahaha. Here's a little "Chaz 101".

Chaz was born February 19th, 2010.
He joined our family June of 2010.
He loves playing fetch. His favorite toy is a blue squeaky bone that Debbie got him for his birthday!
Chaz LOVES going for walks.
He LOVES getting treats and will beg for them.
He really enjoys a good ear rub.
Chaz is super duper smart. He can do many tricks some of which are rolling over, sitting up, standing, walking, jumping on his hind legs, and the basics of sitting, laying down, and staying.
Chaz is extremely spoiled. (Probably because he's so cute!)
He is pretty careful of strangers and...okay okay...he's terrified of new people. He really doesn't care for them too much. He does however LOVES kids and babies! He's very curious of the infants and usually just wants to lick their fingers.
Chaz has the best personality. He understands words and he always pays attention to what you're saying (unless you're yelling at him to come back inside from being outside when it's particularly sunny and warm out...selective hearing).
He loves to run full speed in circles around the house. It's hilarious!
Chaz really loves hunting grasshoppers!
Chaz puts himself to bed. He prefers a 9:30 bedtime but will wait up with us till about 10:30 or 11:00.

We sure do love our Chaz and are sooo grateful he's apart of our family.

Happy (now late) Birthday!!!

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