where are the days going?!

Time is completely flying by and it is doing so without my permission! Kenny will be 3 weeks old this Sunday!

I am having so much fun with my new baby boy! He brings so much joy and happiness to our family! We've been very blessed with a good sleeper, good eater, good pooper, good tempered, healthy, smiley baby! He's soooo smiley and he talks and coos a lot! He's taken up his daddy's habit of sleep talking. haha. I just wish I knew what he was saying. 

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One of my favorite photos so far. I love my boys!!

So I started working out today. My post pregnant body is depressing. Blech! I did some light pilates and it was actually very enjoyable! Mick and I also went for a walk with Kenny and Chaz. I love this warm weather! The sun is very good for our moods! Especially mine....and Chaz's. Lol. 

We are so looking forward to Spring!

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