Color-fest, Bath Time, and Indians.

Colorful. Kenny loves to be held by his momma. The only thing is...it's really hard to get anything done. I discovered that the sling works pretty good. I still hate wearing it but it's pretty helpful. It keeps my baby close which is where he wants to be. Well, while wearing Kenny around the house cleaning up I walked by the bathroom mirror and noticed how ridiculous I looked! Look at those bright, bold colors! It made me laugh!

Kenny LOVES LOVES LOVES his baths and showers. He really enjoys floating in the water. And the showers put him right to sleep. I think that's because I practically lived in the shower while preggers with him. It was the only thing that helped with the nausea and vomiting and the aches and pains.

funny story. i took Mick to school today and to save on time i decided to take his textbooks and see if we could sell any back while he took his final. well, i forgot to get the car keys from him so Kenny and i were stranded on campus. we decided to kill time in the bookstore. i found a national geographic book on all their best photographs. i was showing Kenny the cool pictures. he didn't really respond to any until we got to his one to which he totally smiled. huge! i couldn't believe it! he knows who he is! the little description of this photo said that this is a "Sioux Indian from South Dakota". Which for those of you who don't know, I AM a Sioux Indian from South Dakota...well half and my little Kenny is a quarter! I am very excited to be going there for the summer. I hope I will get a chance to share my heritage with Kenny and Mick while there. It's a heritage I am pretty proud of. It will be awesome getting to know it better as an adult!

Today was a rough day for us. Kenny had his immunizations done today which resulted in both of us crying. Him more than me of course which broke my heart. I hate hearing that little man cry like that. It was AWFUL! But it is much better than the possible alternative. Being sick. He was pretty fussy and cranky afterwards. After Mick was finished with his last final of the semester we went to my friends baby shower. On our way out I lost his blanket which I didn't realize until after we got home. It was nauseating. It wasn't just any blanket. It is one of my very favorites! It was an expensive gift given by someone I care about a lot. But thankfully it was found by someone at the baby shower and I will get it back tomorrow! YAY!

Now baby boy is sleeping peacefully in his bed and I am getting ready to go to bed. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep (which has been a bit of a struggle these last few nights). I think I might be stressing about the move or something. I don't mean to because I know it will go well. Hmm.... Who knows. Wish us luck though! We leave this Tuesday! WHOA! THIS TUESDAY!



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