it's 3am and what are YOU doing?!

Ugh...It's going on 3 am and I am wide awake. i really wish i were sleeping. its almost torturous being in bed though when i can't sleep though. anyone ever feel like that?

i just barely put kenny back in his bed. 
i like to hold him. 
i love to look at his face, his fingers, his toes, his hair, his nose...him. 
i wish i could describe the love i have for that little man! 
whenever i feel self conscious about my post pregnant body i just have to hold, look, or think about my baby and how much i love and adore him.
i realize that all those stretch marks on my jelly belly are totally worth it!

so i'm entering this giveaway and i reallllllllly hope i win! {HERE}

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