Sioux Falls, South Dakota

This year Mick is working for a company called Clear Satellite. They sell Dish Network and Direct TV. Every summer is when the guys (or sometimes gals) go out and sell in a different state. This summer the office Mick is in is going to none other than...SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA.

Yeah...figures we would be sent to the one state I swore I would never live in again. See...I grew up in South Dakota. Lived there from age 6 to 16. I was quite determined to only go there for vacation. When Mick told me that's where we were going I totally broke down in tears. Pathetic? YES! 

He is a good husband and lovingly told me that it may not be our first choice but it will be what we make of it. If we are determined to have a negative attitude towards living there we will have an awful summer. 

So SiMpLe!

I decided he was right. haha. I am excited to go out for the summer. I am mostly excited to see what is going to happen. Who knows, maybe I will run into my biological mother (whom I haven't seen since I was 9 or 10). That would be a wonderful blessing! Its so sad and I'm tearing up right now thinking that she doesn't even know she has a beautiful, wonderful, precious grandson. I will pray she will find out this summer.

On a happier note: Kenny's baby blessing is this Sunday! My family will be here Saturday and I am soooooo excited! It will be so awesome being with my sisters again! I can't wait to break out the Michael Jackson dance game on the Wii! GAH! It's going to be a blast! (Oh and I am excited for them to meet Kenny...of course!)


  1. I kind of miss Sioux Falls. I'd like to go back and visit sometime. You'll have to put up some pictures of the city on your blog. Falls park is really pretty too.

  2. Well, although you are not totally thrilled, I am!!! You are going to be only 4 hours from us!! We could each drive a couple of hours and meet up for some awesome saturday adventures! When do you come?? I also think you should fine a time to come stay with us so we can go do the Mall of America!!!

  3. You sound like me and my loathing for Yakima, Washington....I swore up, down, and sideways I would NEVER EVER EVER live in Yakima again....well when the hubs gets a job promotion that pays a lot more....ya go back to stupid Yakima...but I did come back with a happy attitude and it isn't as bad as I thought...Good luck in SD!!! I hope your biological mother finds you! Have fun with your family!!!!

    Corinne :)