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today was my first "official" Mother's Day! today wasn't any different than my other days as a Mother. i cooked, cleaned, changed all the dirty diapers, fed baby and husband, clothed baby, and did my other motherly/wife duties. at first i was kinda bummed about not getting any special treatment like breakfast in bed or something like the things my siblings and i use to do for my Mom. but i realized, that isn't what Mother's Day is about.
i get to wake up to a smiley baby boy. not just any baby boy but MY baby boy. my son. he is so generous with his smiles. he gets excited when he see's me. he is laughing for me now! he smiles really big when i change his stinky diapers and soiled clothes. he snuggles with me. he cries for me when he needs to be fed and i am blessed to be able to do so! and to add a cherry to the top...i have a loving husband by my side who cares and loves his son and wifey!

best mother's day ever!

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  1. Although you didn't get breakfast in bed, I certainly hope Mick did SOMETHING to show his appreciation to you! We never made a huge deal of Mother's Day here at home, but I always expected the kids to make some kind of effort to show their appreciation and love.