15 Weeks

Today we went for a walk. I put him in the carrier that is like a baby bjiorn. He loves that thing. I love it when he looks up at me with those big bright eyes of his! Today he was in there for literally only 2 minutes and he was out. He slept for our whole walk and then some. Isn't he the sweetest thing you've ever seen!! I'm a very lucky and blessed mamma!

Kenny is 15 weeks today. He is getting way big so fast. Most people think he's 6 months. :p Where did my little baby go?

Its so much fun watching him grow and learn new things. Here are a few things he's been doing lately.

He's started splashing in the bath.
He's fascinated with the color red.
He has a very ticklish neck.
He plays with toys.
He laughs at Chaz all the time!
He will sometimes take a binkie.
He likes the taste of spaghetti sauce. (Yes, I've given him tastes)
He has grown out of his 3mo clothes.
He can roll from his tummy to his back.
He loves to stand.
He is getting an attitude.
He loves it when I sing to him what I'm doing. (I'm changing your diaper you should be glad, I'm changing you diaper don't be sad!)
He gets overwhelmed at church sometimes and cries really loud.
He finally fits into his shoes.

*sigh* I cannot express in words how much I love and adore that little boy.

These were taken a few days ago. Gah! I can't get over those eyes!

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