First Anniversary!


Well, Mick and I just celebrated our one year anniversary. So much has happened since we started dating back in July of 2009.

I remember not wanting much to do with him at first...well. I didn't want what he wanted and that was an exclusive relationship. I would try to push him away and he wouldn't have it. I would tell him over and over that we were just friends and yet he was still persistent. I once even told him we couldn't be friends anymore because he wanted more than just friends...but I could tell that really hurt him and I for some reason I couldn't hurt him like that.

I remember the day I fell in love with him. He invited me to spend the day with his family. It was Salem Days in Salem, Utah. We went to a parade, had lunch together, and went to a show in the park. I remember seeing how he was with his nieces and nephew and I LOVED it. I remember the exact moment I decided that "Yeah...I REALLLY like this guy". Just before the fireworks started he went to get me a snow cone. His mom was doing the twist and mash potato and it was pretty awesome! I sat there laughing. I was...happy! I remember actually missing Mick even though he was only a few feet away for only a few minutes. The fire work show was AMAZING! Best I have ever seen.

It took a lot of convincing and persistence from Mick but that was what I needed. The next day I didn't really tell him but I changed my facebook relationship status to "in a relationship". It really isn't official until facebook says it is. Hahaha.

So...we dated and had lots of fun. It was hard too. When Mick and I first started "hanging out" I was pretty inactive in the church. I never went. I didn't really have any standards. But Mick was so wonderful and He made me go to church...all three hours! It was hard! I can't believe I let myself get to the point where I thought church was tourture. Yikes!

Mick and I decided we wanted to get married. The day he asked me was one of the happiest days! It was a very simple proposal but so perfect for our situation. He asked me in front of the Portland temple where we wanted to be married. Through hard work, time and a lot of tears we made there.

June 4th, 2010 we were sealed for time and all eternity! What a wonderful and special experience! Satan was working over-time to keep us from going there I think. Up until the moment I set foot into the sealing room I was completely overwhelmed with self doubt of my worthiness to be there. Sad huh. I KNOW now without a doubt that Mick and I were exactly where we were suppose to be. It was suppose to storm that day. I was extremely upset and bummed about the weather forecast. But the moment we stepped out of the temple the clouds literally parted, the sun came out and the weather was so perfect! That was my tender mercy from the Lord. That was my personal confirmation from God that we did right.

About 3 weeks later I found out I was pregnant. I remember seeing the test result and just sobbing. I didn't want a baby yet. Mick was amazing and reminded me that this was a blessing. It was an extremely hard 9 months. I threw up all day and night my first trimester and half of my second. People were gossiping about how I most likely got pregnant before we were married. That was by far the worst. I gained a lot of weight and not all of it was baby. It was hard. It was also amazing. I am so happy and grateful that the Lord has blessed me with ability to carry and bear children!

Nine months later Kenneth Robert Swenson joined our family! Mick was so right when he said that our baby will be a blessing. He IS the best blessing (along with Mick) the Lord has given me!

What a crazy few years its been. The best and worst of times (95% of the time were the best)!

So here's to the best year of my life...so far!!!!



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  1. I randomly came upon this post today and thought it was adorable. Mick was such a good friend to me in hs, and I totally remember seeing you two holding hands after the parade at Salem Days! Me and my friend both said, "Oh my gosh, they are soooo cute together!"

    I am so happy you two got married. You have such a beautiful little family!