Who taught my baby to roll over?!

Goodness. It has begun. My boy is a tornado these days. constantly moving. he's learned a new trick this last week. he rolls over now! he's been sorta rolling for about a month now but now he's a pro. its a challenge changing his diapers, i cant leave him by himself on any elevated surfaces and i always have to make sure he doesn't get wedged under the couch now. he really doesn't like getting wedged under furniture...not at all.

i always knew he was going to be extremely active. i just hope mick and i can keep up with him!

p.s. we're moving to Texas this weekend.


  1. He is so cute, Jessica! And I LOVE your blog! I haven't looked for a while so all the pictures at the top and bottom, as well as your amazing quote were all new to me today. Great job! I wish I were half as creative - how did you do it? Just through blogger, or did you photoshop-edit the picture and text? I really love it. Hope things are going well for you guys, we'd really love to see you in August!

  2. I wonder why he doesn't like to get wedged under furniture..... It's my favorite thing personally!