I never thought I would say that...

I am missing Utah.

This new state we're in sucks. I really don't like it. its the ugliest place i have ever been. its 100 {plus} degrees every day. AND the worst part is that we are now living in an extended stay hotel room (Which isn't Texas' fault but it doesn't help my feelings for Texas improve any). i just want to go back to utah.

so i started this post two days ago. here's what has happened since.

one of the ladies from the front desk just walked into my room and yelled at me for having the Chaz. rude. sooooo rude. she told us we had to get rid of the dog or get out. yep. rude. mick went down to talk to them to see if we could have a couple days to find a new place and she said no. so mick asked if we were just suppose to be homeless and her answer was "that's not my problem". again...SO FREAKING RUDE!

anyways. that also didn't help my like for this state.

i think we may have found a new hotel to stay at. :( i cannot wait until we go back to utah.

i miss my friends. i miss my family. i didn't realize this was going to be so hard. it was hard moving to south dakota. personal reasons. its been even harder moving to texas. blech. i wouldn't choose to be anywhere else though. as long as i am with mick and kenny and chaz i will make the best of any situation. state. extended stay hotel room that doesn't even have a stove.

i hope this job will be worth all the hassle and tears.

again. i wouldn't chose to be anywhere else as long as i am with my husband and baby. (yes and pooch)

it will get better. now that i have vented i am ready to make the best of this. wish me luck though.

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  1. I feel for you Jessica! I hope things look up! I wish we lived closer. -Erica