all sorts of MOVEment!

today i wanted to go for a run. but with baby and lack of a jogging stroller i couldn't. so i went for a speed walk and it was AWESOME!!!!!! with the heat and the slightly faster walking pace i felt like it was a great workout. i am eating a little healthier and drinking way more water.

we move into our new little house tomorrow! i cannot wait to get out of this awful hotel room! its a way cute little house. fully furnished. two bedrooms. a nice size kitchen. check it out {HERE}!

other than that. life is boring. we (hopefully "WE") only have 5 weeks left! if mick can reach his goal of 200 in the next 5 weeks we will be on our way back to utah. but if not. i will fly back with kenny and chaz. (mick is thinking he will fly me back anyways so that we can get all our stuff we've accumulated over the summer back.)


  1. I checked out the house. Says "no pets". Do they know about Chaz or did you tell him he was your oldest child? Ha!

  2. That is super cute! I am so excited that you get to be there. -Erica