my favorite reason to lose sleep

this little guy is a pretty good sleeper. he always has been. you would think i would also get all the sleep i needed but guess what. i don't. i worry about him rolling onto his face and not breathing. haha. he definitely prefers to sleep on his tummy. just like me.

its been so nice being in an actual house. i'm not use to all this space though and it totally freaks me out. once the sun starts going down i turn on almost every single light in the house on. i say lots of prayers. i laugh because i know its so silly but i just can't help it. haha

so today my sister told me a pretty awful story. my 17 year old cousin's boyfriend and soon to be father of her child has not made a good impression on me so far. but i have never met him in person and he's had a pretty rough life so far so i figured i would just give him as many chances as he needs to show some maturity (he is after all only seventeen). well, today was the last straw! my sister was showing him and my cousin a picture of kenny and he said that he thought kenny was an ugly baby. that he just wasn't cute.


i was pretty furious. i know that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". but seriously?! it made me so dang mad! i guess i am just uber protective of my baby. i can't help it. and of course i know the truth. kenny is ADORABLE! and i'm not the only one who thinks so!


  1. Sorry, I guess I should have kept that piece of info to myself! :( He's just jealous and he always says stuff like that!

  2. i pretty much want to kick his butt! down a well. like in 300...yeah sry...i am really protective of my fam too!