blog details

i've been itching to design a new blog but i can't think of what it should be about so i thought i would offer to design a blog for someone else if anyone is interested! it would be so much fun for me. just leave me a comment and we can talk details.

p.s. people get confused about leaving me comments. it will post after i approve them. i had a weirdo for a while leaving totally inappropriate comments so i had to make it so i looked at the comments before they get posted.


  1. If only I had seen this last year when I was desperate to figure out how to give my blog a bit of a facebook. I just figured out how to do some new stuff last weekend. Oh well. By the way, I love the sequential photos at the bottom of your blog. -Erica

  2. So, you don't know me. Haha. I read your blog sometimes, I went to high school with Mick! We were on Ambassadors together. :) Anyway, I love your blog, and your baby is adorable, and I love the way your blog looks. If you want to re-design mine I would be fine with that :)