four weeks

four weeks until mick takes our little family back to utah! well that is what i'm praying for. in order to go back in four weeks, {August 14th} he needs to get 15 sales a week for the next four weeks! He totally has the potential to do and I am very confidant that he will. BUT....maybe a few extra prayers from friends and family would be so nice! Chaz misses mick's dad. i don't think he's had a single table scrap since we left utah. haha. poor guy. he has such a hard life. 

Yesterday mick and i made breakfast for the office. it went pretty well. they are super loud and it overwhelmed kenny. one of the guys was holding him and scared kenny, who started crying and so one of the girls took him and tried to make him feel better. she walked over to where i was standing and i was just going to try and console kenny with words so i could finish making breakfast but then he did something he's never done before. 
he reached out for me with both his cute little arms. 
it was so precious that i had to take him! he's so a mamma's boy! i do need more people to hold him because i don't want him to be shy and get too attached that he gets super upset when some body besides mick or i are holding him. ya know?

it was a super hard day after everyone left. drama in the office is annoying and getting way crazy. after everyone left kenny was just super fussy and didn't take very good naps. about 6 he started really crying and he cried off and on (mostly on) until about 8. I put him in the baby carrier and walked around the neighborhood to calm him down. he finally fell asleep about 8:30. at one point i'm pretty sure we were having a contest at who could cry harder and louder. it was rough. 

today has been much better already. i think he's making up for his lack of sleep yesterday. its only 3pm and he's already had about 4 fairly long naps. i have to keep him up till like 7p.m. so he'll sleep in past 6. haha. 

don't worry. i still love love love being a mommy of my kenny boy. he really is a great baby. we've just had a rough couple of days. he gets frustrated more lately. he really wants to be crawling and walking and running already.  he's bored with most of his toys. what do you do with a 5 month old to keep him entertained and happy?

He now can sit without any support!

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