Cute Overload!

Utah is getting closer and closer! Mick and I are counting the days! This summer has been extremely rough. Two summers in row. Sheesh. Next summer WILL be different. I am so happy we're not doing the summer sales thing anymore. The guys are trying to convince Mick to stay. The owners of the company are positive he'll be back and are trying to find ways to get Mick to sign on for another year. HA! HA! HA! There is no way in....heck....that we're doing this again. Nope.

-Kenny is growing. A LOT! I was looking at the clothes he wore at the beginning of the summer and they were tiny. Now he is a big baby. sometimes i do miss my tiny baby who would just lay there and look at me. is that bad?

-This morning I woke up with him under our bed....yeah. he is pretty mobile. he doesn't quite crawl yet but he's getting close. he can definitely sit himself up now. he loves it. if i hold his hands he will stand himself up. he is also starting to take steps while i hold his hands!

-he is quite the noisy these days as well. When he's upset I swear he says "mom" or "mamma". i am sure he must get his loudness from his father. if you know me you know i am a pretty quite person. even when i try to be loud its still quite. lol. kenny is NOT quiet.

-he LOVES eating solid food. his favorite food is bananas. he also like green beans (weird). he is always trying to grab my food and put it in his mouth. i think he'll love eating real solid food! i did let him chew on my pizza crust the other day. he of course LOVED it.

-he is super fascinated with "The Chaz". He will laugh and laugh and laugh at every little thing chaz does. it is hilarious! i always have to keep my eye on those two. chaz likes to eat kenny's poop right out of the diaper-while kenny is still wearing it. it is so gross. sometimes kenny gets a hold of chaz's foot or ear hair and it hurts chaz who starts to yelp which scares the crap out of kenny.

-he is now afraid of people. lol. he's so shy. i wish he wasn't. if someone comes up to him that he doesn't know he will just burst into tears. its super sad and makes people feel bad and uncomfortable. lol. oh well. that's what happens when i literally am stuck inside for the first 6 months of his life.

-he has two little teeth now. his adorable smile somehow got even more adorable! I can't get over that smile of his with his way cute dimple and round cheeks. i have to tell him to take the cuteness down a few notches because i literally feel like i am having a cute overload.

to say the least...i sure do love being a mommy to that incredible baby boy! how did i get so blessed?



  1. I'm so happy that you guys get to go back home soon!!! Good job hangin in there!!! Kenny sounds like such a sweetie pie!!! I love the pics you post! What a love!!!

  2. I'm loving Utah...been here all my life. Don't ever want to go anywhere else. Welcome home.