Ever After

A Cinderella Story

i have watched this movie at least a dozen times in the month of july. i am watching right now as i write this post even! ha! it is definitely in my top 5 favorite movies ever. it makes me feel happy. :D

guess what. kenny can now pull himself up to his feet. yeah. why is he growing so fast?! tonight i went to look for my camera and as i walked out i noticed kenny about to put my flip flop in his mouth so i put them up on the chair. i continued looking for my camera and then out of the corner of my eye i saw kenny almost fall. so i looked and i could see he was trying to pull himself up on the chair. yep. i watched him go from sitting to standing. it was amazing! hahaha! he is so funny! he is so close to crawling. he has crawled several times in the past two days. i don't know if he's figured it out completely yet though. i have no doubts that he will have it down by the weekend.


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