I Said Goodbye...

...to Facebook.

Its too time consuming. So much drama happens on Facebook. Did you know that a "friend" unfriended me because I posted my political views on there and that person didn't agree? Yeah...it kinda hurt my feelings. 

Facebook is great. Its such a great place to keep tabs on people's lives and share your with them. So...I won't delete my Facebook. I am just going to take a nice long vaca from it. 

I feel...free.


Any bets on how long I can last?

**Well, I only lasted two days. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I guess I am weak when it comes to Facebook's pretty blue hues and  like button. Oh well...I tried.**

1 comment:

  1. I totally agree. You may have inspired me. If I spent the time I spend on fb blogging I would totally have an up-to-date journal. Hmmmm...thinking.