My Dreams for 2012

I have been Day Dreaming today. I have some...expensive...dreams, plans, and goals for this year. Mick and I both had better get jobs! ;) I thought I would share them with you!

Jess' Goals, Dreams, and Plans for 2012

*Go on a Cruise.
      This is happening! It will be so much fun! We are going on a cruise to the Bahamas with our friends Aj and Jess Steen! We are getting together this week and planning it all out over dinner. I am so excited and I want to go right now!

*My Brother's Wedding.
      He is getting married! AHHH!!! So awesome! They are planning on a June wedding so Mick and I have to save up for that (plane tickets). I am super excited for them and a little jealous because there is so much I would do differently with my own wedding day. GOOD thing the best and only important part was marrying my best friend and the love of my life for {Time and ALL Eternity}!

*Swenson Family Reunion.
     We're going to Lake Tahoe people! I cannot wait to soak up the sun on that beautiful lake with my Swenson family! Kenny will have soooo much fun with his cousins! Family reunions are always such a wonderful and special time and I know this one will be amazing!

*Get Family Pictures Taken and Use Balloons as Props.
    I have decided that my little family needs to get official family pictures done! This is definitely an expense we will have to budget for. I am way picky when it comes to photographers. I am super excited about this though! We will be doing this in the Fall and it there will be a theme!! Be excited! I am!

     Mick has an interview this Thursday and I have butterflies in my tummy already! I REALLY hope he gets this job. Its in Orem, Utah which is NOT where I want to settle down BUT its a really great job and it has good benefits and it will pay well. Our dream place is somewhere along the East Coast. We will end up there someday. I cannot wait for that day but for now I will be so grateful and excited for any job he gets no matter where it takes us!

*Become a Successful Blogger.
     I want to be a "Mom Blogger". I want to share my adventures and love of motherhood with others! And I especially want to be able to affect other mother's lives for good by my blogging. There are other Mamas out there that have done that for me through blogging and my dream is to be able to do that for others!

*Be a Better Photographer.
     Ever since I was a little girl I have LOVED photography! I have a natural talent for it I just have to figure out how to develop that talent and how to become successful at it. I want to photograph people and the moments that mean so much to them. I want to capture those priceless memories. Photography has a very special place in my heart and I want to share that love!

*Sell More
     I really want to become a successful "business woman". I love creating and sharing my handmade items with others. Creating is so important to me. It releases stress. It makes me so happy! Here is my  ETSY shop if you are interested in taking a look at my latest creations. I also want to be better at selling Choffy! It is one of my very favorite drinks! AND its so healthy for you!

*Tone Up.
     I am so ready to get this body in shape! I'm not fat. Just fluffy. I have a wittle muffin top, a jelly belly, and jiggly wiggly arms. Its time to tone up! I am doing a super hard treadmill workout. IT IS HARD! I have completely cut out fast food (really! I have had it only a hand full of times in the past year)! Its feels amazing! I love sweating!

Wow, there were more than I realized. I am excited though! What a fun year this will be! Hard. Exciting. Crazy. Maybe a bit stressful. All necessary to make it wonderful though!

Here's to you 2012! Cheers!

xoxo Jess

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  1. Sounds like some awesome goals Jess!!!! Exciting about Tahoe and a cruise!!! We are (FINALLY) going on a cruise to the carribean this July!!! Yippee!!!!