"Nerd" Glasses

My little sister Rachelle has been staying with me for the weekend. It has been so much fun and way nice having her here with us.

Today we went shopping! Of course I had zero self control and totally bought things that I technically didn't really need. I walked in wearing these glasses and the first thing Mick says is "Wow. You are such a nerd", which was quickly followed by "How much did you spend?!". LOL.

We got these babies for $10 buckaroos each at Nordstrom. Cool huh!

Here we are modeling our "nerd" glasses!

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  1. Wow. You guys look so much alike! Some of the photos, if I didn't know what clothes you were wearing, I would totally not be able to tell you apart! I feel bad that I didn't get to say goodbye to Rachelle. I hope she'll be able to come again.