I love sewing. No...I LOOOOOVVVEEEE sewing! It brings so much joy and satisfaction to my life. Sewing gives me the opportunity to create and to think. I love the noise my sewing machine makes. I love seeing a flat piece of fabric take life as it becomes something to be loved (especially when it can be loved by others!).

I decided to dedicate this post to my Aunt Patti. I remember spending a lot of time drawing dresses and outfits for myself and my Barbie dolls as a little girl. I finally sat down and made a dress I had "designed" for my Barbie out of toilet paper. I showed it to my aunt. I guess she was pretty impressed because I remember her telling my grandma to give me some pieces of fabric and thread so I could make "real" clothes! Grandma did and that is how it all began!

So Thank you Aunt Patti!!

I taught myself how to sew. I honestly don't know how I did it. I just did...fairly easily too. I guess you could say that I have a {gift}. I have often wondered what to do with this gift. I am by no means a professional. I am not the best at sewing. There is a lot I still don't know. But I am so grateful that this is a part of who I am. So very grateful! I hope to use this gift that I have been blessed with to share with and hopefully help others.

I am working on a new project this year. I can't wait to have all of the details ready to be shared with you! It is super exciting and probably will be one of the BEST things I could do with my sewing talent.

Thank you to all who have supported, encouraged, and even bought a lot of the stuff I have made! I already love this year! 2012 is truly going to great huh?!

I made this dress and it is for sale {HERE}

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