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Another year has gone by and it was truly AMAZING! There were hard times to be sure but for the most part it has been my favorite year so far.

Major events of 2011:

-Kenneth "Kenny" Robert Swenson was born February 20th at 4:24 pm in Payson, Utah. He was 9 pounds and 3 ounces, 21 inches long and just so perfect! I have never felt such happiness as I did when I first saw him and then held him and then through out the year watched him grow, learn and experience new things! (I will go into more detail next month for Kenny's 1st birthday blog post!)

-Our big move to Sioux Falls, SD at the beginning of the summer. I enjoyed living there for the short period of time we did. It brought up a lot of old memories from my not so great childhood that I had to actually acknowledge and talk about for the first time EVER. I know it was good for me. It was also so nice being close to family (even though we only got one visit in).

-Our next big move to Abilene, TX. Not my favorite place. In fact probably my least favorite place I have been to. Oh well. It was an adventure to say the least.

-My new business adventure. It is still in the process but 2011 was the year it all began. I am so grateful for the talents the Lord has blessed me with and I hope that 2012 will be the year I get to really share them with others!

-My brother and best friend came home from his 2 year mission! I was lucky enough to be able to surprise him at the airport! Best surprise ever! He is so wonderful and I am very lucky to have him as MY brother!

-Mick and I had the opportunity to see my parents sealed in the temple to my new little sisters! It was amazing seeing my entire family in the temple sealing room. That wont happen again until our youngest sister (age 6) goes through for herself.

-We got to go to Sacramento for Thanksgiving this year. It was such an awesome trip for me for a few reasons. First of all it was just so much fun! I love Mick's family and I pretty much got the BEST sister's in law EVER! We also went to San Francisco!

2011 was such a wonderful year full of happiness for our little family! Our biggest joy of course came from our sweet baby boy! I never imagined I could feel so happy and have so much love for another!

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