The Paper Mama

What was your favorite picture of 2011? Mine was this one. It was the only picture that after I uploaded onto the computer, did a few edits, went and had it immediately printed and while it was being printed I went and bought a frame. I had the photo in the frame even before I left the parking lot! HAHA!
So one of my all time favorite blogs is this one...{here} by The Paper Mama. I love reading about other's "mama-hood" experiences. The Paper Mama has a ton of really cool giveaways and fun posts so you should definitely check out her blog!

It is almost Kenny's first birthday. I already have a big portion of his "little" b-day party planned! It is going to be SOOOOOO much fun! Mostly for me I think. HAHA! Raise your hand if you started planning your baby's first birthday party like 6 months before the actual birthday. ME!

Wow! A week has already gone by in this new year. I haven't gotten much accomplished other than laundry. And that still isn't finished. Oh well.

Remember how I was going to do that Photo A Day Challenge. BAHAHA! Yeah...I obviously haven't been doing it. Maybe I will still catch up. We'll see.

I just added new items to my etsy shop. Go check them out!

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