DIY Grown-up "Piggy Bank"

What You'll Need:

-Mason jar (I used a quart size)
-Spray paint in any color (I used Satin Almond)
-Scrap fabric at least 6x6 inches
-Scissors, hot glue gun, tag (opt.)

Step One:

     Spray paint your jar. Be very careful to not spray too much in one spot because it will drip. AND make sure you do this out side or in a very well ventilated area. Let dry according to spray paint directions.

Step Two:

     Cut your fabric into a circle. I used the lid ring to measure the length I wanted. Make you do at least an inch and a half around the ring to create the skirt look. Glue the fabric to the lid part.

Step Three: (Optional)
     Create your own personalized tag! I am using my jar as a piggy bank to save my money in. You can use yours for whatever you would like!

Step Four: 

     Put it all together! You're finished!! Enjoy!



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  1. Very pretty! SO much cuter than a pig! I am a new follower visiting from Family Ever After. Vicky from Mess For Less