My Week via Phone Pictures

1. Kenny has found a new love for reading. I am so happy about this! I put all his books down low so he can reach them and read whenever which he does fairly often now! (Pic taken on his birthday!)
2. I bought these big'ol sunglasses for Kenny's party. He has been completely obsessed with them. HAHA! It's super funny!
3. For a few days I was able to have my very own Princess. I loved having this pretty little girl with us! What a sweet and happy little angel! I want a girl even more than ever!
4. Kenny has been a big helper lately! His favorite is helping me stir whatever is on the stove top.
5. So my super good friend {Jess Steen} gave me the coolest birthday present. The best smelling oil thingy. I LOVE IT! AND...the best Cupcake cookbook EVER! I seriously was thinking about making every recipe, once a week. Then I realized that it would make me way fat. Hehe. I have been working too hard to get fit. I am going to make a recipe once a month and I will share it here on my blog!
6. I HAD to try one of the dresses I made on my cute little model! It made me so happy that I took her outside hoping someone would see how cute she is and how cute that dress looked on her. Nobody came by...
7. I guess Kenny decided to reminisce about sitting in his Bumbo. HAHA! It was the funniest thing walking into the room and seeing my ginormous baby sitting (stuck of course) in his old Bumbo.
8. Kenny loves glasses. Isn't he so cute? I just love him. We have so much fun!

It was seriously a great week! Tomorrow is my birthday and I get to spend the evening with some of my closest friends! I am also a little sad...Kenny is spending the night with Grandma and Grandpa Swenson and it will be our first night apart. For my birthday I just wanted to sleep in. Kenny doesn't wake up super early but it would be so awesome to just wake up naturally!

Anyway...I hope the end of my week is as good as the beginning!

24 seems old...

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