bet you didn't know...

...my favorite animal is a horse. specifically the brand, friesian. so incredible and beautiful. and i love horseback riding.
...i hate green beans but will always eat them because supposedly there are health benefits to eating them. yuck!
...one of my very favorite music artists is eminim
...i secretly played gears of war 3 and left for dead over the summer while mick was out working. 
...my favorite flavor of all time is coffee. 
...i cry every time there is turbulence on a plane. it makes everyone around me feel way awkward. sigh...i can't help it though.
...i am not a big fan of chick flicks. there are a few i like...love. but for the most part, really not my cup of tea
...speaking of tea, i love ice tea. especially in the summer!
...i hate gardening. 
...i prefer to put my pictures in albums than scrapbook. 
...i don't like chocolate or watermelon. this fact always makes people freak out. 
...i sew. oh wait, you actually knew that. haha!

i want to know new things about you! comment on this post with your blog address so i can learn more about you guys! 


  1. I hate chocolate too!! People always think I'm ccrazy, but we're the sane ones ;)!!

  2. I dont like tomato soup but i will eat it anyways