So I have a best friend named Hannah. She's super awesome! We've been bff's since grade school. I love her a lot. We use to play barbies and dress up (she will always tell you about how we played barbies under my family's piano. it must have been a life changing experience for her or something. idk), we planned on getting married at the same time and having babies at the same time and growing old together practically, hahaha!

We actually did get married at the same time, 6 days apart is all. The downside is we couldn't go to each other's weddings because they were so close to each other and in different states. Fail.

We totally had babies like 5-6 months apart and now we live literally on the same street just like two blocks from each other. I can see her apartment from my front yard. Yeah, I would definitely say we're besties for life.

Anyways, Hannah has a big sister named Rachel. Rachel has a sweet blog called Family Ever After. Family Ever After is doing is incredible "Sew-vivor" competition. Almost 200 people entered. I. Me. Moi. made it to the TOP TEN of the competition!


I could not believe it when she announced the top ten. The very first thing I did when i woke up was look at the top ten announcement. I was completely shocked! I remember looking through all the contestants and feeling way discouraged because there was some AMAZING talent entering. I really didn't think I had a chance. I decided I would sit out and just watch. Then the last day came and I thought to myself, "why not, i don't have anything to lose". So I entered my favorite project of the moment. I am so glad I did! After it sunk if I totally started crying like a baby! hahahaha! Embarrassing, I know!

This is going to be a super fun challenge for me! I will definitely be doing my ultimate best and challenging myself to take my sewing talent to a whole new level! No holding back. I told Rachel that I am officially in compete mode. I am ready!

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  1. Yay congrats girl so exciting! And cute new blog look :)