i think its time for a cool giveaway...




wait...it's more like a "MUWAHAHAHAHAH"! 

i will post more about the giveaway on saturday. my friend is helping me model it {hint} on friday. here is a sneak peak....

i think it will be a super awesome giveaway! i am pretty excited. well...more details on Saturday!

**UPDATE** as a little more incentive to enter and share this giveaway i decided to add a bag of choffy as well. read more about choffy {here}. it's my personal favorite drink! 

i have been super busy sewing. like a mad woman. seriously. i made 8 dresses in the last 3 days. last night and today i had to tell myself out loud "you can do it!", "keep going jess", and "don't stop!". it was getting intense. i am so glad to be caught up and have a couple of days to play, relax, go to the park and watch Mad Men. 

my sister (rachelle) and her boyfriend, (cameron) came to stay with us this last weekend. it was super fun having them! here are some pictures of their visit.

 a flower we saw on our walk to the park. so pretty huh! i love love love spring!

 yes, my child's tummy is so big his shirts wont stay over it. hahaha! it's cute, okay!

 pretty sure mick has just as much fun as kenny does at the park.

 chaz. a.k.a. mr. popular. haha. 

 finally a picture of kenny and me! i have very few pictures of us.

 BAHAHAHAHA! this picture makes me laugh so hard! look at my little family running through the field!
 rachelle and cameron

 i remember this being a lot easier back in grade school. (i think i'm getting old...)

it was a pretty great weekend. the weather was a little dreary but it was fun having these two over! 

check out my etsy shop! i am selling only two more dresses for easter (they have to be ordered by sunday).



  1. Sooo cute!!! I LOVE Kenny's baby belly!!! I only wish my belly were so cute sticking out of shirts...hahaa....You and Rachelle are so cute too!!

  2. jess, that's a cute picture of you and kenny. :)

  3. I love that picture of you and Kenny. Can I get a copy of it in high resolution? I love all those pictures, but that is my favorite!