what's in a name?

i think the absolute hardest part of trying to start a business (can you really call my Etsy shop a "business", i don't know) is figuring out what to call it.

last year i had this fancy smancy idea of what i wanted to do with my etsy shop and where i wanted to take it. i settled on "dream catcher baby" as the name; my idea was to make all baby sleep related items (including dream catchers).

well, if you have visited my shop at all it has nothing to do with sleeping babies.

i finally found my "thing" and i am super happy and excited about it. but now i feel limited by the name. i have wanted to add adult items but i feel like the dream catcher "baby" wouldn't allow me to do it.

it's time to re-think and re-name my shop.

i don't mind too much. it will be a lot of work but i think i am ready. i have always usually embraced change.

so over the next few weeks i will be busy busy busy doing updates!

as i have been writing this post i have been getting more and more excited! wahooooo! i like being this kind of busy. it's exciting and keeps me on my toes. not that i need anything else to do that with kenny-boy around. hahaha. he's so cute.

i added something new to the old etsy shop! i am so in love with it! check it out----> {HERE}


  1. I know exactly what you mean! I changed my blog name three times before I settled. Now I feel like if I have children the "pair" part in my name will not make sense. But having a shop is much more thoughful. I think it will come to you! I love your previous names, so you will prob whip up something great!

    1. Oh man it is hard! Thanks for encouragement! You're so nice. :)

  2. I love the originality of "Dream Catcher Baby" and I think as long as it has to do with young children or babies I wouldn't change it. I really like the name and think it's original and whimsical.

  3. Your shop is so cute! Love the little bow ties. My friend and I also recently opened an etsy shop, such fun.


    1. Thanks so much!

      i seriously cannot get over how adorable that welcoming baby in a jar is! i love your shop, thanks so much for sharing!!