i am from the PNW. battle ground, washington to be exact. my favorite city that I have ever been to so far is portland. no...seattle. no...okay. they are tied for now. anyways, i am missing it so much right now it hurts. i want so badly to live there.

some of my fondest memories take place in the lovely PNW.

going to seattle with my brother tim is in my top 5 favorite memories of all time. it's right up there with my wedding day and birth of my child.

spending the day in portland with one of my very best friends, lizzy poo hatch/cabezas

driving through the rain forest and going to forks with liz and my brother. it was incredible! breath taking. (not forks...the drive through the rain forest was. hahaha)

hiking around battle ground lake with my sister and talking in a british accent the whole time

institute (an adult LDS class) and clark (vancouver's community college) during my senior year of high school

skipping my first class to go out to breakfast with my friends at fatty patty's (surprise mom!)

driving around with my brother. screaming at the top of our lungs. driving off of curbs. almost dying on the interstate. and yes...even that one time we got lost {here}

certain friends that i made. there are few that i have truly treasured their friendships...more than i think they will ever know. i guess i will name a few just because, jessica taylor, desiree hemstock, and kaitlin new (i wont mention the boys because that may be a little on the awkward/inappropriate side?? maybe??)

the mother's that were in my home ward. there is one mom in particular that i have admired so much. i always think of her when i try to be better mother to my kenny. {meagan allen}

lewisville park of course!

going to the portland temple with my mick. words cannot describe how much i loved being in there with him for the first time.

anyways...my heart will always belong to the PNW. it will always be the place i call home.

i cannot wait to go home in june for my brothers wedding. i wish that it could be a longer trip but i am so grateful that we will be there!

tim and i on our trip with liz through the incredible pnw


  1. Stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show you some blog luv! def enjoyed this post :)


    1. Thanks! I am so glad you found my blog! I hope you follow along. :) Have a lovely day!