a week in phone pics...p.s. i really want an iphone.

1. we go to church to get some exercise. seriously. kenny will climb up and down the stairs the whole.freaking.time. 
2. um...really?
3. just trying on hats at target. this one was his favorite. hahaha! silly boy!
4. we LOVE LOVE LOVE our back yard! i love just being able to send kenny and chaz out back to play. they love it too!
5. again, loving the back yard! kenny and reagan are fbff's (forced best friends forever). 
6. kenny loved riding the four wheeler at grandma and grandpa's!
7. my dream kitchen. 
8. kenny and i got to go hand out with his cousin eve. she is 13 days older than kenny. they were totally buds!
9. i don't like chocolate but for some very strange reason i was craving these babies. i thought i was pregnant. hahaha, but i am not. it was just a menstrual craving. tmi? **
10. my newest creation. i feel like i should be naming these little lovelies! any suggestions for this pretty floral big bow dress?

it has been a good/emotional week (refer to picture #9. if you're wondering why it's been emotional. haha). i am excited to start a new week and am looking forward to some warm weather and my sister's visit this weekend! she is bringing her boyfriend! ooh la la! ;)


**we are not trying to get preggers. it just isn't time for #2 yet. someday... i just thought i should clarify. ;)


  1. Cute pics. I want an iphone so bad too! Waiting for my current contract to run out in a few weeks, then we're making the switch!

    And that dress is adorable!!

  2. Tim has that cookie monster hat I think! You should've gotten it for them and they could match!

  3. Your dream kitchen looks just like Amy's mothers kitchen. I love it too! Fun post.