i have been following {this} blog for quite some time now. 

i often look at the posts and just drool over the incredible talent of those photographers! as my heart would beat a bit harder i would think to myself..."this is what i need to be doing. i need to keep at it because someday, i will be featured on this blog."

well reverie is offering a sweet giveaway and i am pretty sure it is something that i really need to get me to the next step in my photography.

check it out here at www.reverie.com

enter if you would like, and if you win make sure to send me the prize! ;)


i am craving a photo session. please spread the word.

jess swenson would like to take your picture!

$75.00 $60.00 (how about 20% off) a session
disc with high resolution, edited pictures
full rights to print
sweetly preserved memories


  1. Hey Jess, I would love to do a session with you -- I need some pictures of my baby! You can email or text at anytime (I'm usually at school during most of the day or taking care of Reagan).


    1. Jena! I would LOVE to take pictures of that beautiful little baby of yours! I will be in contact!