Etsy Success.

It is... 





i looked at my Etsy shop tonight and just started crying. i have never felt this kind of success before. i am actually overwhelmed because of all the orders i have. i need to go buy fabric, sew, package, and ship. it's a process. i simply enjoy and love it though! 

i am struggling with packaging. If you have any tips, suggestions, ideas...anything, i need some help. i am specifically looking for boxes i can ship clothing in.

so here i go about to get REAL personal with my sewing machine! 

please pray for me that i can complete these orders in a timely fashion and get them shipped soon! i want to continue my success by making my customers super happy with their finished product(s) and the speedy delivery!

xoxo jess


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    1. Thanks so much! It's been super awesome! I am almost in shock at how well I have done in just a week and a half!! But I am now BUSY BUSY BUSY!

  2. jess, ouida linkous here! just got my bowtie, bragged to my husband about your packaging, details, product, then sped over to your blog, started reading, found this post, and had to say: VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER HERE!!!!! can't wait to send you pics of my precious boy in your adorable bow tie!!

    1. Oh my goodness! You are the nicest ever! Seriously, thank you! You have totally made my day!!!! I am so glad you like the bow tie! I definitely want to see pictures! Thanks for checking out my blog!